How do I wash my Moonstar Home pillows?

At Moonstar Home we like to make sure your deluxe hotel pillow stays just as luxuriously soft and fluffy as when you first got it.

Washing your Moonstar Home pillows is very easy! Just follow this simple guide closely:


Machine was in a cycle for delicate garments with warm water at 90°F (30°C). Do not use bleach. 

Load pillows to a minimum of 80% machine capacity This is VERY IMPORTANT and it's to make sure your machine stays balanced, works as it's supposed to and doesn't damage itself or your incredible pillows. Make sure you add more items to the washer if it's not at least 80% full.

Use the Bulk or Large Cycle option, if available, in your washer.

At the end of a complete washing cycle, use an extra spin cycle to extract as much water as possible from your pillows.

Dry at low temperature, normal cycle. It's important to keep the temperature as low as possible so as not to damage your pillow's fill. Drying at high temperatures makes pillows lumpy and uneven. Repeat if not completely, absolutely dry.


Expert tip: Take two tennis balls and put them in separate, clean, white socks. Throw these in the dryer along with your pillows to fluff them up and decrease their drying time!